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The Bay Bridged (2019)

Michele Kicherer

The first Luke Sweeney song I heard started with crickets. It begins like a warm summer evening: the chirping, a simple solid baseline, a soft, kind voice... Read More
Too Much Love Magazine (2019)

John McCall

You can trace the genesis of Luke Sweeney's Peace Meal to a San Francisco apartment in 2014. A veteran songwriter and musician... Read More
Too Much Love Magazine (2019)

John McCall

"The infectious melodicism of "Special Stoner" wastes no time impressing listeners. It is a guitar-driven track musically, but the drumming and jangling acoustic guitar..." Read More
Monterey County Weekly (2017)

Jen Eaver

"Found in the happiest creases of psychedelic pop, garage, freak folk and classic rock, Luke Sweeney swirls quite the mellifluous flavor of sounds..." Read More
Impose Magazine (2017)

Simon Gompers

"Luke Sweeney's single "Mother's Day" brings out all the big-time power-pop instrumental & arrangement chops to make a sentimental song for the ages..." Read More
BandsinTown News (2016)


"Some people find their favorite band on the radio, online, or at a festival, but classic rock visionary Luke Sweeney found me..." Read More
Austin Chronicle SXSW Picks (2016)

Greg Beets

"Much like his kindred L.A. spirit Bart Davenport, San Francisco singer/songwriter Luke Sweeney approaches pop with a decidely askew sense of priorities. He confounds aural expectations..." Read More 
Portland Mercury (2015)

Ryan J. Prado

"Luke Sweeney has come a long way from the strict paramters of his old approach to recording. As a member of San Francisco trio Vows, Sweeney incorporated wide-ranging influences into his pop-oriented grab bag of songs..." Read More
Monterey County Weekly (2015)

Adam Joseph

"A few days before Luke flew out to New York to cut his new record he went into full-blown panic mode. He frantically started writing and demoing new songs, hoping he'd stumble onto a good hook of any kind..." Read More
SF Gate (2013)

Aidin Vaziri

"The title of Luke Sweeney's first solo release is a play on Elliott Smith's seminal indie-folk album, "Either/Or." There are plenty of other similarities too..." Read More


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